The PSCTC provides clinical training for graduate students and serves the community in providing low or no cost counselling and assessment services.

You will find on the website when waitlists for counselling and assessment services are open to new referrals. Given that we are a training clinic, our waitlist is somewhat different than a typical waitlist where individuals are added to the list and eventually will move to the top. Individuals are assigned based on availability of students and supervisors as well as specific type of referral. Through the screening process, we attempt to only accept cases that have a good probability of being seen. That said, we are unable to provide a time frame for being seen but can provide referrals for you to explore while on the waitlist.

Please note that we are not a walk-in facility, and cannot offer crisis or emergency services. Clients are seen by appointment only.

All services are confidential, and we adhere to professional and ethical guidelines set forth by the College of Psychologists of British Columbia and the Canadian Psychological Association.

For child clients, we require consent from all parents or guardians with legal custody.

Our Clinic is not able to provide the following services OR support the following client concerns:
– Assessment for Autism and/or FASD
– Active claims or legal litigation
– Active Substance Abuse and Addictions issues
– Suicidal Ideation
– PTSD, complex trauma, including childhood or sexual abuse
– Active psychosis
– Active eating disorders
– Clients who are experiencing active domestic abuse, or are involved in family legal disputes (e.g. child custody proceedings)
– Complexity of mental health history (i.e. comorbidities in mental heath diagnoses, history of past hospitalizations, suicide attempts)